The easiest way to install abstar locally (on OSX or Linux) is to use pip:

$ pip install abstar

If you don’t have pip, the Anaconda Python distribution contains pip along with a ton of useful scientific Python packages and is a great way to get started with Python.

abstar does not run natively on Windows, but Windows users can run abstar with Docker:

$ docker pull briney/abstar
$ docker run -it briney/abstar

Stable and development versions of abstar can also be downloaded from Github. You can manually install the latest development version of abstar with:

$ git clone
$ cd abstar/
$ python install


If installing manually via and you don’t already have scikit-bio installed, you may get an error when setuptools attempts to install scikit-bio. This can be fixed by first installing scikit-bio with pip:

$ pip install scikit-bio

and then retrying the manual install of abstar. Starting with version 0.5, scikit-bio dropped support for Python 2.7, so install scikit-bio on Python 2.7 with:

$ pip install scikit-bio<=0.4.2


Optional dependencies

Several optional abstar components have additional dependencies:

If using Docker, all of the the optional dependencies are included.